Huidzorgnet is a network of Skin and edematherapy practices that operate under different names, but all are part of Huidzorgnet

Quality registrated skin and edema therapists

A Skin therapists are members of NVH and comply with the requirements of quality register of paramedics

Treatments possibly reimbursed by your insurance

Huidzorgnet has contracts with all healthcare insurers in the Netherlands. Check the possible fee in your policy or go to rates on the website

Scientificly proven treatment methods and medical devices

The therapists use scientifically supported treatment methods and the latest technology

The practices are in 6 locations in South of Holland

Huidzorgnet has 6 practice locations in the following cities: Rotterdam, Zoetermeer, Gorinchem, Bleiswijk and Sliedrecht

Meer dan vijftien jaar ervaring in huid- en oedeemtherapie

Since its founding in 2001, more than 50000 treatments performed




By means of edema therapy helps the skin therapist to remove your fluid accumulations, caused by a disorder in the lymphatic system


At the practices of a Skin, we use Alexandrite hair removal/Yag and diode lasers. In contrast to IPL/EPL/VPL are the alex
andriet/YAG and diode lasers no light devices but a true hair removal lasers.


In the practices of Skin zorgnet acne therapy is offered in different forms. The most common treatment forms are cleaning, take care of and maintain the skin. The treatment is often done in combination with a treatment by a doctor. It is important to early to start treating the condition to prevent permanent damage.


Camouflage therapy is a treatment in which scars or discolorations on the skin using a colored cream or skin treatment be faded.


Coagulation is the removal of small, benign bumps on the skin. This enables warts, age spots and vascular anomalies.

If skin is a used various techniques for this.


Therapeutic elastic hosiery (popularly also called compression stockings) are used in case of problems with the veins, tired legs or persistent moisture in, for example, an arm or a leg. The term compression stockings is not



In 2015, I ended up after being operated on for skin ZORGNET after which I much moisture. After in 2015 and 2016 to have been operated on several times, I am now called as chronic causing me a weekly treatment need.

The staff are very professional in my eyes nice and friendly and I have a lot of benefit from the weekly treatment I undergoes at SKIN ZORGNET

Coby Luiten v.d Buse

For about 2 years I will be handled by experienced, young edema therapists. It‘s a fine group of people who treat me well. The new location on the main road is also very beautiful. I am very happy with it.

M. Labots

I came to a Skin for my acne and scars in my face and have had three treatments on advice. By the advice, the gezichtspeelings and the good products, my skin is very much my acne is resolved and my scars are almost not visible anymore. I dared not first almost more about street, but now get so many compliments on my skin and the BB cream from Lyra is really great. In addition to the fine products I am very professional but also very fine helped and I felt very at ease. During the peeling feel the skin a little burn, but that is well tolerated. I am very happy with the result of treatment and would definitely recommend it to others.

Roos van Veen

Last month I had two peels and skin care products with you purchased. I am very satisfied with the expertise and the way the treatments performed. It was sincere to my skin looked what’s best for me.

Then the products in use and also at home here very happy about! Thanks for the good service and customer-friendliness. In the future I will definitely come back.

Merel Flinterman



“The Next Level or Skincare”

“The Next Level or Skincare” In our practice we work with the Lira Clinical products. It is also possible to purchase products from us in practice. Together with you, looked at a suitable product for your skin.

Lira Clinical skin care products are subdivided in six lines. The Lira Clinical product lines can be combined a self-care program tailored for you to put together


Cora Bekker-skin and edema therapist/Team leader

Sanne Huijbens-skin and edema therapist/LIRA Clinical head coach

Simran Kakkhar-Practice Coordinator

Iris Wijler-skin and edema therapist

Leonie van Veen-Schelling-skin and edema therapist

Shilpa Jagga-skin and edema therapist/nurse practitioner

Thirza DD-skin and edema therapist

Shivani Selhi-skin and edema skin care therapist/Owner practices


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