Camouflage therapy is a treatment in which scars or discolorations on the skin using skin treatment and colored creams are blurred. This cream is great for blemishes less visible. We work with two types of camouflages:

  • Dermacolor: it consists of a thick oil in water substance. In this substance be pigment materials processed. In addition, the cream smudge-proof and waterproof. This allows even swim. This camouflage is used to great color differences in the skin with it. This includes, for example, wine stains, tattoos and vitiligo.
  • Lira BB cream: this is a thinner version of the Dermacolor camouflage and is based on foundation. It is very light and breathable and is applied to freckles, superficial scars and redness in the skin with it. By the breathing properties can even be applied after an acne treatment without clogging the pores!
[ap_column_wrap] [ap_column span=”1″]Postinflammatoire hyper pigmentat[/ap_column]i[ap_column span=”4″]ons: Postinflammatoire hyper pigmentations (PIH) is a benign red to brown discoloration of the skin in places where inflammation has occurred, such as acne or eczema. People with dark skin types have a greater chance of developing of PIH. After the inflammation is gone can the discolouration very slowly move away, but this is not always the case. PIH of dark skin is harder to deal with in connection with the increased risk of pigment shifts in the surrounding skin.[/ap_column] [/ap_column_wrap] [ap_column_wrap] [ap_column span=”1″]Vitiligo[/ap_column]:[ap_column span=”4″] Vitiligo is a harmless form of whitening of skin and hair, particularly on the face, the hands and the pubic area. By the disappearance of pigment cells in the skin, lose their hair and skin color. Vitiligo is a familial autoimmune disease, which can occur in people of any age or skin color. The immune system is the body's own tissues to this. Treatment is not necessary and often gives no complete recovery. Examples of treatment are hormone creams (corticosteroids), light therapy (PUVA and UVB), skin grafts or camouflage. Good sun protection is necessary because of the lack of pigment in the skin.[/ap_column] [/ap_column_wrap] [ap_column_wrap] [ap_column span=”1″]Lentig[/ap_column]o[ap_column span=”4″]: a lentigo (age spot) is a very common and benign brown colored skin abnormality that occurs in people from middle to old age. The lentigo, also called age spot or liver spot, is on the face and hand backs in people with light skin type that much exposed to sunlight. In some cases a lentigo is malicious develop (skin cancer). In this case, the shape and color of the spots more erratic. Treatment is then necessary. So go to the doctor if a speck of size or color changes or when the complaints.[/ap_column] [/ap_column_wrap] [ap_column_wrap] [ap_column span=”1″]Melasm[/ap_column]a[ap_column span=”4″]: Melasma (pregnancy mask) is a benign brown discoloration in the face in women who are pregnant or use the pill. Melasma, also known as pregnancy mask, is on the forehead, cheekbones, the upper lip and the Chin. It is a harmless skin disorder which often disappears after childbirth. Treatment is not necessary, but could consist of bleaching creams, chemical peels or laser therapy. If a woman has had once melasma, chances are it is under the influence of a pregnancy, the pill or sunlight can develop again. Important is to continue to protect the skin from the Sun with a high sun protection factor. [/ap_column] [/ap_column_wrap] [ap_column_wrap] [ap_column span=”1″]Nevus: [/ap_column]a[ap_column span=”4″] naevus (birthmark) is a benign light to dark colored (sometimes beyond that) spot of the skin. Nevi, also called moles, present from birth, but most arise between the age of 3 and 40 years. Factors that may affect the development of a Nevus are hereditary predisposition and zonverbrandingen in childhood. In some cases, a Nevus itself develop into a malignant melanoma (skin cancer), the form and color of the Nevus are more erratic. Treatment is then necessary.

The first consultation is free of charge and without obligation. During the initial consultation, your data and relevant medical history. It is the identification of any possible contraindications are making a treatment is not possible. There is also equally well to your skin looked and possibly with your permission photos made up for in your file. Also, a treatment plan and will give you advice about the treatment. If you are planning to declare the treatments at your health care insurance for fee, then we are required to go to your identification. This can be your driver's license, ID card or passport. If there are no contraindications than we plan together with you the first appointment time for the camouflage colour determination.


The price is bad indicative. You can get a no-obligation free consultation and price determination.

Camouflagefrom €60.00

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You can submit it to your health care provider. The practices of Skin a have contracts with all health insurance providers.

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