Laser hair removal by skin therapists in Gorinchem, Rotterdam, Sliedrecht, Lansingerland (Bleiswijk) and Zoetermeer

The practices of making a Skin for laser hair removal using a Alexandrite, Diode or ND-YAG hair removal laser. By the broad offer of three different laser devices can be treated all skin types. In contrast to IPL/EPL are the lasers of skin a no light devices, but real hair removal lasers. In addition, our devices have built-in cooling techniques making the treatment more pleasant.

Unwanted hair can be removed with a laser treatment. The laser light is absorbed by the pigment located in the hair and at the bottom of the hair follicle. To prevent the laser is the pigment in the skin affects each treatment accurately tailored to your skin type. The Diode (800 nm) and Alexandrite (755 nm) are the best hair removal systems to Fitzpatrick skin type III. The YAG (1064 nm) laser is the best hair removal system between Fitzpatrick skin type IV and VI. Skin zorgnet has the perfect match for laser hair removal of any skin color. Unlike many practices can the dark skin so also safe with us.

There is at each Flash a selective heating of skin located deep in the hair follicles. The laser gives its energy in a fraction of a second, just long enough to destroy the hair follicle and short enough to the surrounding skin structures and the epidermis. With this method of hair removal can, in principle, disturbing hair at each place of the body finally be removed, both in women as in men.

The hair growth cycle consists of three phases: the growth phase, the transitional phase and the resting phase. Each individual hair can is in a different phase. Thus, at any given time some hairs grow while others do not. They are located in a resting phase. The hair root is only in the growth phase sensitive to the laser as it still sticks to the hair. This allows both the hair as the hair root both are heated. Because the hairs are in different stages for each place multiple laser hair removal treatments. Blonde, grey and reddish hairs can unfortunately not be removed by a laser, because in those hairs no pigment. This kind of hair can be treated by electric epilation.

In Skin Care Rotterdam, skin therapy skin care the Colvenier in Gorinchem and Zoetermeer is laser hair removal applied with a Quanta Duetto MT Evo Alexandrite and Yag laser. In skin care Medical Heart Bleiswijk is used made of Lightsheer diode laser and skin care Port quarter is Quanta Da Vinci Alexandrite laser used for laser hair removal.

The medical conditions that for excessive hair can provide are:

Hypertrichosis; This is excessive hair growth in places where naturally for some/little hair growth. There may be fine hairs appear in the face, at the temples and at the eyebrows. Hair on the arms may be longer and/or in the number of increase. The lower legs and the torso are also heavier than usually hairy. Hypertrichosis comes both in men and in women and occurs in puberty.

Get women's hair at HIRSUTISM in places where usually only men develop hair. Instead of fuzzy hairs appear much and dark hair on places like the upper lip, cheeks, Chin and neck, around the nipples, chest, the back, the abdomen and in the groin area. Also on arms and legs is the hair growth more than ' normal '.

Laser hair removal can also be done for cosmetic purposes. On the basis of the non-binding and free consultation, our skin therapists diagnose your symptoms a huidtherapeutische well.

The first consultation is free of charge and without obligation. During the consultation, your data and relevant medical history. It is the identification of any possible contraindications are making a treatment is not possible. Also, a treatment plan and will give you advice about the treatment. If you are planning to declare the treatments at your health care insurance for fee, then we are required to go to your identification. This can be your driver's license, ID card or passport. If there is no contraindication is then a test Flash done on your skin to see how your skin responds. This is also for you an indication how a complete laser hair removal treatment is experienced.

The first consultation is free. Skin therapy since 2015 is freely accessible. This means that you need no reference for reimbursement of a therapy. However, this Regulation per insurance differences. That is why it is important to make good in your policy from time to time and see whether this also applies for your insurance. Compensation comes from the additional package and is only for these indications as possible; excessive hair, excessive hair growth in women face on transplanted or transplanting skin and excessive hair in transsexuals.

Click on the link on the right for overview of fees:

At Skin we give a discount once you choose to per visit multiple areas lasering.

20% discount for 2 areas on total amount

30% discount for 3 areas on total amount

40% discount for 4 and more areas on total amount

You can also combine this discount with our vooruitbetaal action: pay 5 treatments ahead and you'll get the 6th free.

Below you can find an overview without discounts.  If you want to know how much will cost to you with these discounts please feel free to contact us. Below the table you can find a number of examples.

Price per treatment.
Price for 1 area
Chinstarting from€55.00
Upper lipstarting from€55.00
Upper lip and Chinstarting from€ 95,00
Cheeksstarting from€ 95,00
Sideburnsstarting from€ 65,00
Eyebrow intermediate piecestarting from€ 40,00
Facestarting from€ 125,00
Face incl. Neckstarting from€ 150.00
Chin and neckstarting from€100.00
Armpitsstarting from€100.00
Around nipplesstarting from€ 65,00
Breast woman all the waystarting from€ 150.00
Breast woman at leaststarting from€ 75,00
Woman between chest piecestarting from€ 65,00
Breast manstarting from€ 200.00
Bikini line at leaststarting from€100.00
Bikini Line Normalstarting from€ 125,00
Bikini Line Extendedstarting from€ 150.00
Backstarting from€ 200.00
Shouldersstarting from€ 200.00
Shoulders + Neckstarting from€225.00
Back + Shouldersstarting from€350.00
Belly woman at leaststarting from€100.00
Belly woman normallystarting from€ 150.00
Stripe on abdomen (breast-pubis)starting from€ 65,00
Stripe on abdomen (navel – pubis)starting from€55.00
Belly manstarting from€ 200.00
Chest manstarting from€350.00
Upper legsstarting from€ 295.00
Lower legsstarting from€275.00
Thighs + bikinistarting from€325.00
Armsstarting from€ 250.00
Upper armsstarting from€ 150.00
Forearms including elbowsstarting from€ 150.00
Full legs + bikinistarting from€475.00


You look at number of areas that you want to be lasering then you need to take all prices of that column.

Example 1

Imagine you want to 4 areas lasering (face, underarms, arms and entire legs (including bikini line)) than are the prices.

Armpits €100.00
Whole legs (including bikini line) €475.00
Arms €250.00
Face €125.00
Subtotal €950.00
Discount -€ 380.00
Total price €570.00

The total discount may be applied to multiple areas for your Bill.

If you want to use our package discount: pay 5 forward and get 6th free, then you have 5 x 570 euro pay. This is 2850 euro.

You pay than average per treatment: 2850/6 = 475.00 euros.

Example 2

Imagine you want to 3 areas lasering (armpits, whole legs including bikini line and face) than are the prices:

Armpits €100.00
Whole legs (including bikini line) €475.00
Face €125.00
Subtotal €700.00
Discount -€ 210.00
Total price €490.00

The total discount may be applied to multiple areas for your Bill.

If you want to use our package discount: pay 5 forward and get 6th free, then you have to pay 5 x 490 euro. This is 2450 euros.

That's so 2450/6 = 408.33 euro on average per treatment. You are in total than 490 euros.

If you have any questions or need help with then for price calculation, contact us via or call one of the locations.

Branches of skin zorgnet

Each location has a different trade name, but functions under skin zorgnet

Skin Care Medical Heart Bleiswijk

Dorpsstraat 3, BG 2665 Bleiswijk (Lansingerland)


Route description

Monday09:00 – 21:00
Tuesday13:00 – 17:30
Friday09:00 – 17:30

Skin therapy de Colvenier "

The Colvenierstraat 1 d, 4205 JN Gorinchem


Route description

Monday09:00 – 20:30
Tuesday09:00 – 20:30
Thursday09:00 – 17:30
Friday09:00 – 17:30

Skin care Rotterdam

Main road 480, 3067 GK Rotterdam


Route description

Monday09:00 – 17:30
Tuesday09:00 – 16:00
Wednesday13:00 – 21:00
Friday09:00 – 17:30

Skin care Rotterdam-Location ijsselland Ziekenhuis

Prince Constantijnweg 2, 2906 ZC Capelle aan den IJssel


Route description

Tuesday17::00 – 19:00

Skin care Port quarter

Wilhelminastraat 69a Sliedrecht, 3361 XV


Route description

Monday09:00 – 17:30
Friday09:00 – 17:30

Skin care Zoetermeer

Bijdorplaan 325 c, SX 2713 Zoetermeer


Route description

Monday09:00 – 17:30
Tuesday09:00 – 17:30
Thursday09:00 – 21:00
Friday09:00 – 17:30

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